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Have you ever dreamt of exploring the universe and fighting against.... a corporation? Would you like to save inhabitants from exploitation and an evil Chief? Set off on an interplanetary adventure together with our extraordinary Robo. Robonauts is an arcade game, which will be available on PC/Mac as well as on PS4. The premiere is set for release in the first quarter of 2017.


Robo is a nice guy – just like we are – led by curiosity, thanks which he ends with boring life and sets off on a trip to the hypnotizing universe. Jumping between planets, he struggles with opponents and becomes a special employee of a corporation. Obviously, it is not the end of his journey, because, like we do, he has to make a choice that is very hard for him – in life important is either comfort or moral values. Robo cannot be disliked, especially if his life resembles ours. Follow us on Facebook, where we will be up-to-date with sending more interesting stories from Robo's life. Please believe us, it is worth!


Robonauts is an extraordinary game - apart from hypnotizing graphics and energetic Simon's music, we have been working on gameplay which bewitched us in classic arcade games. A player will have at his disposal some weapons, but shooting skills don't mean that the game is easy. Primarily, jumps between planets, opponents and obstacles matter.


We have been working on Robonauts for over half a year and the first effects of our work can be seen right now! Download our DEMO version, play and tell us what do you think about it. We wait for your opinions on our Social Media channels.


For your feedback we are waiting on: feedback@qubicgames.com

If you have any questions, please visit www.qubicgames.com

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